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Union Dental Plans Delaying Treatment and Payment

These days patients must take a proactive approach to their health care.  This includes dental health.  Many union dental plans are delaying treatment to the patient and delaying payment to the health care providersThis is the main reason why many health care providers do not accept these plans.  They put the patient's health at risk.   These union plans often dictate the Standard of Care for the union members.  Patients seek health care professionals for their solutions.  Afterall, patients don't make appointments with the union do they?  Patients won't see any medical or dental diplomas hanging on the walls at their union offices, so why are they permitting them to dictate their health care? 

When a patient calls their Union (after being on hold for 20 minutes or more) to inquire the status of their pre-determination or claim, they are often told some of the following excuses:
  • "We never received anything in the mail"  Patients should send out their own paperwork certified mail.
  • "We are still processing your paperwork." Does it really take over 6 weeks?
  • "We need more x-rays."  The dentist already took a full set.  What more can be taken?
  • "We have denied your pre-determination/claim"  It took over 6 weeks to come to that conclusion?
These are typical stall tactics by the Unions and locals.  Like any of business entity, the strategy is to retain money-not give it out!  They often do not have their union member's interests in mind.  Do healthcare providers really want to stand by and do nothing as  their patient's dental health deteriorates?

Many of these Union plans are GHI,  1199,  32BJ, DC-37, and locals administered by DDS or SIDS.  It would be best if patients took an active roll in their health and send all mail via certified mail and follow up with constant phone calls.